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EvoEnergy are the industry leaders in creating next-generation, bespoke solar carports for businesses. Our team of technical experts intricately design each commercial solar carport from scratch, exclusive to each client’s needs and energy requirements.

A solar carport also encourages other sustainable initiatives, including giving employees the option to connect charging points for electric cars in alignment with the growing electric vehicle (EV) market.

What are solar carports?

Solar carport installation

Solar carports are ground-mounted canopy constructions that stretch out over your car parking spaces. The canopy roof area is slightly tilted – offers a perfect platform for solar panels to be seamlessly mounted, which also adds to the aesthetics of the structure.

The tilted roof is not only beneficial for optimising the angle of the solar panels for energy generation, but it also offers natural drainage for rainwater which is then collected by guttering and channelled away. Electricity generated by the carports’ solar panels is immediately available to be used onsite.

What is the price of commercial solar carports?

By having an EV charging point on your premises, you can make EV charging more secure and convenient for both company vehicles, visitors and employees cars. Our solar carport prices vary and are cost-effective for businesses in both the short and long-term. Contact our friendly team of specialists to discover the price of your desired solar carport.

How are solar car park canopies built?

Many carport solutions on the market today are ‘modular’, however, our technical team designs each project from scratch, bespoke to the client’s needs and energy requirements; at EvoEnergy, one size doesn’t fit all. Our leading, innovative energy solutions can seamlessly blend uniquely designed solar carports into your current premises to make sure that the carport is something you can be proud to display.

What are the benefits of solar carports?

  • Adds capacity | increases onsite generation if roofs are unusable
  • Financial benefits | benefit from reduced energy bills and government subsidy
  • Reduced CO2 output | enhances your CSR and green credentials
  • Electric vehicle charging | option to connect EV charging points for staff and visitors to charge their electric vehicles with electricity generated by the PV system, in addition to company EV’s
  • Staff & visitor benefits | in addition to the above, solar carports canopies also protect cars from the elements and keep staff and visitors sheltered when getting out of their vehicle and walking to the site
  • Visual appeal | positively transforms the look of your carpark

For the answers to more questions, visit our solar carports FAQ page.

Integrating PV panels on a separated carport allows for a larger opportunity to benefit from low carbon energy if the roofing space elsewhere on your premises is not appropriate for solar panels. A carport can also shield cars from any external weather conditions, offering shade in the summer, and shelter from rain and snow in the winter.

What is the difference between solar carports and EV chargers?

EV charging stations are great for small businesses that only have a small car park, as you can install as little as one. Solar carports are ideal for businesses that have a fleet of EVs to ensure that they can have a guaranteed charging space. As commercial solar carports have canopies, they have increased protection from the elements compared to lone EV chargers. Solar car park canopies can be powered through solar panels, balancing out the energy costs of charging EVs whilst EV charging stations will have to be plugged into an electricity source.

Why use EvoEnergy for solar carports?

Solar carports have given us the opportunity to build on our reputation for market-leading innovation. We’ve already designed and installed two of the largest solar carports canopies in the UK; our experience and capability has turned us into the ‘go-to company’ in this field. Take a look at our case study for how the installation went!

Businesses will also benefit from our ability to utilise the skills of our parent company, Stepnell Ltd, a successful and long-standing construction company, for additional support where certain carport designs may require specialist engineering.

Solar carport case studies

Solar carport installation

In the Summer of 2015, we designed and installed the UK’s largest solar carport (pictured above) for our client, Nottingham City Council, at their recently renovated Harvey Hadden Sports Village. This installation was 67kWp in size and spanned 40 car parking spaces and later that year won an Environmental innovation award for the client.

In January 2016, EvoEnergy successfully commissioned an even larger solar carport canopy (88.5 kWp), again for Nottingham City Council, at their Ken Martin Leisure Centre.

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