The head office of Yorkshire Water in Bradford could soon see the installation of solar panels, a local new provider has revealed. 

Bradford Telegraph and Argus has reported that the utility company is looking to make its office more energy-efficient and self-sufficient. 

The company has now submitted an application to the Bradford Council which would see more than 3,000 solar panels installed on the Western House offices, based in Halifax Road, Buttershaw. 

It has been revealed that the company currently runs up a £45 million annual energy bill, and the installation of solar panels would help to significantly reduce these costs. 

Kelda Water Services, the current owners of Yorkshire Water, already has the means to produce ten per cent of its own electricity, but the new plans aim to push this up to 14 per cent within the coming two years. 

Solar panels will be installed upon four of the company's office buildings, which could see a total of 17.6 per cent of the energy needed to power the sites daily operations.

Paul Kelly, spokesman for Kelda, said the company is "very excited" about the project. 

“It will involve a significant reduction of energy consumption at the site, up to a figure of 30 or 40 per cent,” he suggested. 

Work could cost in the region of £500,000, but the savings made from the scheme will soon outweigh what has been originally invested. 

Nearby residents have also been taken into account when considering the development. The news provider has said the people in the local area should not be visually impacted by the installations. 

Yorkshire Water has already attempted to reduce their energy use through the installation of new boilers and heating control systems. Light sensors have also been reprogrammed to improve efficiency.

Media manager for Yorkshire Water Matt Thompson said the company is making "every effort" to significantly reduce energy consumption and their carbon footprint.