A number of council tenants in York are set to benefit from solar technology, with the local council about to roll out the technology to homes throughout the region, the York Press has reported.

The move is just one example of ways in which councils across the UK are looking to improve the lives of their residents, by offering ways in which to reduce yearly energy bills.

Solar technology has the potential to cover some, or in some cases all, of the energy used within a residential property, leading to lower bills as a result.

Furthermore, the council initiative will help to significantly cut carbon emissions produced by homes throughout the constituency.

Homes to benefit from the technology have already been identified by City of York Council, with property approval based on size, orientation and pitch.

Work is expected to be carried out within the next six weeks, with residents looking forward to reaping the benefits of clean, sustainable and above all cheap energy as soon as possible.

Cabinet member for health, housing and adult social service Tracey Simpson-Laing said the authority is taking every conceivable step in order to both lower energy bills for residents and reduce the city's carbon footprint.

"This low-carbon source of sustainable energy will serve to keep tenants comfortable and better off, with the associated health benefits of living in a well-heated house without the worry of high fuel bills,” she said.    

For residents who are not able to access the technology, it is still possible to have solar panels installed upon a property without incurring high costs.

Schemes such as the Green Deal and the feed-in tariff offer generous incentives for those looking to switch to a greener source of electricity.

For those accessing the Green Deal, an assessment must be carried out on a property by an accredited organisation in order to identify if it is viable for panels to be installed.