Last week, EvoEnergy began work installing their latest solar PV project for Bristol City Council by utilising a working exhibit from Bristol’s trading boom years. A huge electric crane, built in the 1950’s – and now exhibited next to the museum – was put into action to help hoist EvoEnergy’s materials onto the rooftop; a rare viewing opportunity that even prompted the local Mayor to see for himself.
Crane No.30 was used for the job and is one of four cranes from originally 40 that were preserved by the council and City Dock Ventures back in 1975 when they were decommissioned and sold for scrap. The four electric cranes have since been restored and are now working exhibits that sit proudly alongside the M-Shed museum.
A time-lapse video of the cranes lifting panels onto the rooftop can be viewed here.
In the 1950’s these cranes were used constantly to load and unload ships as quickly as possible to keep trade moving through Bristol’s City Docks.
It was a great sight for the visitors of the museum on the day seeing the electric crane in use after so many years and EvoEnergy were also delighted to have been part of the occasion, which also drew attention to the 49.78 kWp system that is being installed on the rooftop of the museum.
This project is one of many for Bristol Council after EvoEnergy secured a place on their solar PV framework in 2014.
Below; the Local Major (red hat) stops by for a photograph with EvoEnergy and Bristol Council staff prior to one of the lifts.