A scheme which is set to include up to 35,000 ground mounted solar panels has been given the seal of approval from the local parish council.

The solar farm has been proposed for a site in Codford, Wiltshire, and a planning application has now been submitted to the local council highlighting necessary work and all additional developments.

With the location identified as East Farm in Codford St Mary, it is believed the site is in the perfect location for solar power generation. Not only is the area out of the way of any village viewpoint, but it is also well screened by southerly woodland.

The proposals are only for a 25-year development, with the solar farm expected to be removed following this time. The land will then be restored to its former condition.

In addition to the solar panels, the site will also be subject to landscaping and will see the construction of a small inverter building.

Residents were given the opportunity to see how the development would look, as an exhibition was held by Solar Power South in the East Codford Village Hall. All attendants were able to ask any pressing questions about the development and voice any concerns over the details of the proposed solar farm.

No concerns were raised at this meeting, and chairman of the Codford parish council expects this to be the case for the future. Rosemary Wyeth believes that the planning authority will also struggle to object to the plans, with the site being so far away. The size of the site is also a lot less than previously expected.

Speaking to the Salisbury Journal Ms Wyeth said: “When I first heard about the plans, it sounded like an awful lot of solar panels, but now I’ve seen the pictures and read through the documents, they are actually quite small and it’s going to be a minimal use of space.”