The development of battery storage technology has been long-awaited for by the solar industry and whilst the solution was first more commonly associated with domestic installations, businesses all over the UK are now able to benefit from the technology.

It’s no secret that the Government’s decision to cut the feed-in tariff earlier this year has since put the brakes on solar deployment in the UK, however, the industry is beginning to see the signs of recovery and the awareness of commercial solar battery storage technology is also driving renewed interest from businesses both new to solar and those with existing installations.

The development of battery storage solutions are the latest innovation in the market with technology manufacturers such as Tesla and Panasonic being two of the better known brands competing for market share.With solar only producing energy for consumption during day light hours, some businesses may find that, at times, the system is generating surplus energy above current demand.

This energy would typically be exported and sold back to the National Grid at a nominal price around 4p per unit; much less than what it costs for you to buy back in.
In a nutshell, a battery storage system would allow excess energy to be stored onsite and released back in to your business when needed, further reducing the amount of energy bought in from the Grid and saving you money.

With the technology new to the market, the economics may not presently be viable for every company looking to simply save money, however with electricity prices continuing to rise and the demand for increased self-sufficiency, the viability of the technology will only become greater.

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