The impact of coronavirus has been felt all around in the world. It’s seen the economy come to a standstill and many businesses shut down all together. As the world attempts to restart and adjust to the new way of living, lots of firms have changed the way they operate in order to keep their staff safe.

An example of this can be seen in the reduction of office workers making their way into the workplace each and every day, and opting to work from home for a number of days instead.  Here at EvoEnergy, our flexible working arrangements have meant that our staff can work effectively whether they’re at home or in the office, this means that there are less cars making the daily commute into work.  As a business we took the decision to make this flexible arrangement with staff attending the office on some days but not every day the new normal, our permanent normal, to allow homeworking to become a greener way of working. To find out the impact of this, we recently conducted a staff survey to find out the planned frequency of their office visits now that we have a new way of working.

The results of this study showed that we’re due to see a reduction of 53% in office visits, which is a decrease of over 47,000 miles spent travelling to the office over the next year – saving 9.83 metric tons of CO₂e. This will significantly decrease the impact on our environment as less carbon emissions are being expelled into the atmosphere. This will help to move the country in line with the government’s net zero target by 2050.

Ultimately, it’s down to us to make the change towards sustainability in order to create a greener future. Now is a good time to assess your net zero aspirations and talk to us about how we can help achieve them. Our team of renewable energy experts are available to provide Net Zero consultancy and renewable (Solar, EV, battery) quotations alongside installation operations and maintenance support to asset owners.

Get in contact today to see how we can help make your business’s operations more environmentally sustainable.