This past year has been the most impactful period of time in recent memory as uncertainty surrounding the Brexit and Covid-19 has forced many firms to adapt in unconventional ways. However, one thing has remained constant – the need for a more sustainable future.

Public perceptions toward the climate change emergency have shifted into a new gear in the past few years. This has been fuelled by recent extreme climate events such as the huge wild fires in Australia and flash floods in China and India. Simultaneously, world-leading scientists continue to make startling predictions for what the future holds for our planet if we do not take major action immediately.

The next 10 years will be the most decisive period for determining whether our planet survives for future generations. As once we hit the ‘tipping point’ in earth’s environmental stability, the damage caused by CO2 in the atmosphere will be irreversible.

However, governments realise the urgency of this and are striving to take action to prevent us from reaching that point. With schemes such as the government’s newly unveiled 10 Point Plant for a Green Industrial Revolution we might stand a chance, but what does it mean for your business?

What does it mean for your business?

The government has announced a £12bn stimulus plan which the PM predicts will mobilise three times as much private sector investment in support of the UK’s 2050 net zero target.

The plan will benefit a wide range of sectors from the renewable industry, including hydrogen, nuclear, carbon capture, electric vehicles and many more. This is being done in the hope of starting a ‘Green Revolution’ for the UK economy and aims to create around 250,000 jobs in the sector.

A notable part of this plan is the £1.3bn investment in electric vehicle charging points, along with £582m in grants to help buyers make the transition from combustion engine vehicles. This news comes with the extra announcement that the government will be banning the sale of new petrol cars, diesel cars and vans by 2030 (previously 2035), in an attempt to clean up the British motoring industry.

The news solidifies the fact that electric vehicles are the future of transport in the UK and confirms that this will come into effect sooner than we all think. Therefore, this means that your staff members and visitors will eventually come to expect a place to charge their car whilst they are in the office or on site. By investing in electric vehicle charging infrastructure, you’ll be able to provide a huge benefit to your staff and potential clients, whilst also demonstrating your commitment to tackling climate change.

How can we help your business?

As the UK’s market leader in renewable energy solutions, we are in the best position to help your business realise the potential for electric vehicle charging infrastructure on your site. We also offer supplementary technologies, which would work in harmony with an electric vehicle charging facility, such as, site electrical upgrades, battery storage and solar PV, perhaps all combined into a private Smart Grid. These technologies would allow your business to harness the power of renewable energy and provide enough power needed to fast charge a wide range of electric cars.

Ultimately, it is down to us to make the change towards sustainability in order to create a greener future. Now is a good time to assess your net zero aspirations and talk to us about how we can help achieve them. Our team of renewable energy experts are available to provide Net Zero consultancy and renewable (Solar, EV, battery) quotations alongside installation operations and maintenance support to asset owners.