Awards season is upon us yet again and following our success in recent years – including winning ‘Solar Installer of The Year’ three times in four years – we have already made the long-list for the 2DegreesNetwork awards with our entry for ‘Innovation of The Year’.
Our entry is supported by the Hagg Farm case study where we overcame a grid power export limit imposed on the client by developing and implementing the UK’s first export power control (EPC) device to be used on a solar PV system.
Click here to read the case study and our entry in more detail where you can also submit your (much appreciated) vote.
In March this year, we were also invited by EcoBuild to present the Hagg Farm case study to the audience as part of the ‘Grid Management Innovation & Technology’ seminar. Tim Hickman, our technical manager, proudly took to the stage as EvoEnergy’s expert speaker to deliver the presentation and take a Q&A session from the audience.
The EPC device is a pioneering solution which demonstrates our ability as a forward thinking company to solve problems, particularly with grid export limitations become increasing common as growing demand for solar puts an ageing grid under pressure.