Two thirds of UK households benefitting from solar energy say their bills have been significantly reduced since investing in the technology, with most making an average annual saving of ~£1,000. In fact almost 80 percent of generators installed solar panels with reducing energy bills as the primary reason for doing so.
These are the findings from the latest research conducted by, which questioned 1,391 UK consumers about solar panels in its Consumer Opinion Panel in June this year.
With the Big Six energy providers increasing prices twice in the last year alone many UK consumers are beginning to feel the pinch. uSwitch found that more than a third of households are already finding energy bills unaffordable. However, a total of 70 percent said that they believe solar panels are a good way of lowering energy bills.
More than seven in 10 respondents wanted to make money from the incentive while encouragingly, six in 10 opted for solar technology as they wanted to do their bit for the environment.
Out of those that had installed solar, 71 percent agree that the technology offers a good return on investment. More than four in ten of the solar customers also wanted to add value to their property by investing in a system while more than 85 percent said they would recommend the technology to their friends and family.
With a third of working coming from word of mouth, EvoEnergy runs a successful referral programme, that has already led to hundreds of installs this year.
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