Regions in the UK could face a "postcode lottery" when it comes to how prepared they are for the impact of climate change.

A recent study from scientists at Newcastle University has suggested that where you live in the country could define how ready you are to combat climate change and adapt to future weather. 

According to the research, London and Leicester are the most prepared regions for climate change, due to their adaptations of renewable practices and mitigation measures. On the other side of the scale, Wrexham and Derry were reported as the least prepared. 

Dr Oliver Heidrich of the university said: “Of the 30 cities we assessed, all of them acknowledged that climate change was a threat and all except two had a strategy or policy in place to reduce emissions and also adapt to cope better with future weather patterns, in particular flooding." 

While the majority of cities studied had targets in place for a reduction of carbon emissions, the university was concerned that an actual figure or timescale had not been given for these – a factor which made the targets meaningless, Dr Heidrich suggested.

“Local Authorities are pivotal to the implementation of global climate policy so it is essential that we embed adaptation and mitigation strategies within the urban planning framework,” he added.

A number of council's across the UK have implemented community switching schemes and other policies to help residents cut down carbon emissions and energy bill costs. 

Furthermore, some have introduced solar panel schemes, providing council properties with the technology. 

Contact your local council and see if any of these initiatives are in place to help you reach your own personal carbon reduction goals. 

However, if this is not the case, wider government schemes such as the Green Deal or the feed-in tariff can be accessed for domestic properties, which could see residents significantly cut their energy bills and prepare for the effects of climate change in the process.