Concern about environmental, carbon output reductions and the rising cost of gas and electric are just three of the many reasons companies, community groups and individuals are moving towards the installation of solar panels.

A new campaign has now been launched to encourage schools all over the country to install solar panels on their roofs.

The Solar Schools campaign is being led by environmental group 10:10 and so far over 30 schools in the UK are getting involved.

The scheme aims to raise almost £400,000 in order to help schools install their own photovoltaic systems. Less than a week in to this round of funding, over £80,000 has already been pledged.

The idea is that schools will sign up to the programme, set a fundraising target for their very own solar roof, then "everyone chips in to help make it happen".

Maddy Carroll, Solar Schools Campaign Manager, said: "Solar panels are an incredible investment and a great way to teach pupils about energy and climate change, but with budgets squeezed, many schools struggle to afford the up-front investment.

"Solar Schools is a chance for pupils, parents, local businesses, former students and local residents to do something good for their school and their community."

So far the scheme has been very well received and one school – E.P. Collier Primary School in Reading has already reached their £10,000 target and installed a collection of solar panels on the roof of the school.

The fundraising period took under three months and the success of this school is sure to be echoed throughout the other schools involved in this programme as the donations continue to pour in.

Heidi Proven, 10:10's Campaigns Director, said: "At the heart of Solar Schools is an innovative crowd-funding website where people can sponsor and personalise their very own section of a virtual solar roof. The site lets people really connect to the project. Plus it's a great feeling to help a renewable energy project get off the ground and to be able to attach your name to that."