In a move to improve the sustainability of their UK holiday parks, Haven has installed solar panels on one of its holiday homes in a trial experiment.

The photovoltaic installation, on top of one of the caravans at Rockley Park in Poole, will help to reduce the running cost of the property over the course of a year.

Member of Haven's sustainability team Daniel Coward said the panels will generate between £200-£300 worth of electrical energy per annum, which would be enough to offset the cost of running a holiday home.

On the site, Mr Coward observed that 40 per cent of the parks electrical consumption is taken by holiday homes, so if the trial is successful and rolled out to more properties, it could make a huge difference to running costs of the holiday park in the future.

The Rockley Park site has been chosen by Haven, as they believe it offers the best location in their portfolio of locations for the purposes of capturing solar energy.

Now the panels have been installed on top of the Willerby manufactured caravan, Haven will closely monitor the achievement of the panels in terms of energy generation and efficiency, before deciding whether the scheme is worth expanding to the rest of their UK sites.

The scheme will not affect the people staying within the property, but will see that Haven saves money in the long term in addition to significantly cutting down the amounts of carbon emissions produced.

Furthermore, the caravan will not be obtrusive to other guests, as the panels are only featured on one side of the holiday home.

Haven have been carrying out further work to improve their energy efficiency standards, including installing energy efficient shower heads and instant heat boost Morco Touch systems, that help cut emissions by 20 per cent.

According to a press release from Haven, the company said that they are excited to bring sustainable practices to their business in addition to maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.