The UK has become one of ten countries to sign up for a brand new international Renewables Club, which will help in the global promotion of green energy.

Led by Germany, other countries which have pledged their support for the scheme include China, Denmark, France, India, Morocco, South Africa, Tonga and the United Arab Emirates.

The ten countries in the group account for providing some 40 per cent of the amount of investment in renewable technology globally.

Solar panels and wind energy are just two of the measures set to be promoted by the group, as they aim to scale up usage across the world.

A communique has now been signed by the ministers which will see renewable energy technologies rolled out more quickly. This is said to be achieved by sending strong political messages to support businesses, as well as championing the environmental benefits which are associated with the technologies' ability to produce clean and sustainable energy.

Furthermore, the club will promote how sustainable energy can provide economic benefits, as well as providing energy-efficient development opportunities in the battle against climate change.

German environment minister Peter Altmaier said: "The Renewables Club is a political initiative of pioneering countries that are united by an important goal: a worldwide transformation of the energy system."

"We in Germany do not stand alone with our Energiewende [energy transition], but are a part of a strong group of leaders," he added.

Furthermore, he said that the countries which are part of the group will lead by example and increase their output of renewable energy.

Solar panels do not necessarily have to be used on a large scale in order to make a difference, as installments on domestic properties are able to help cut carbon emissions whilst also saving money from energy bills in the process.

However, increased government involvement in the energy efficiency market is encouraging for worldwide goals. For the UK and European nations in the group especially, the scheme will help to push forward plans for a 2030 renewable energy target for the continent.