This month, EvoEnergy started work installing Europe’s largest community battery at Trent Basin – a new housing development in Nottingham that will pilot a community energy scheme for the benefit of reducing costs and carbon emissions for its residents. For more details of the wider scheme, visit the link above.
EvoEnergy were previously awarded the contract to design and install the battery energy storage solution for the scheme, which will also utilise a number of other green technologies onsite for generation and consumption.
As seen in the photos below, the civil work and foundations on which to support the 2MWh Tesla battery (left photo) and switch room (right photo) are now in place. The switch room, consisting of a 1MVA transformer and a bespoke LV switch board, will become the ‘energy centre’ for the development, connecting together all of the technologies onsite including the battery, solar PV, EV charging stations and heat pumps, whilst also providing a connection to Western Power.

Working alongside the ongoing construction of the Trent Basin development, the battery installation is expected to complete in the next 6-8 weeks, with the battery units set to be lifted in to place early next week.
To see further updates of the ground-breaking project at Trent Basin, continue to visit the EvoEnergy website and social channels.