If sitting at the top of the Premier League going into this weekend's games wasn't enough for Liverpool Football Club, they have also gone and cut the costs of their gas and electricity bills. 

The club has undertaken a new carbon strategy, which has seen the Reds reduce gas consumption by 18 per cent and electricity usage by 13 per cent over the course of 12 months. 

With the club setting a target of a ten per cent reduction, they have managed to defy expectations and cut their carbon output by more than was previously expected.

As revealed by BusinessGreen, the club was able to reduce carbon consumption by 1,100 tonnes and save 718,475 kWh of electricity. 

The amount of energy saved is enough to power some 350 homes for a year, demonstrating the excellent progress the club has made to achieve its green goals. 

Measure such as installing smart meters, utilising LED lighting technology, improving recycling and becoming 'green champions' have helped the club in their efforts. 

However, Liverpool FC are not looking to stop there! The club intends to further reduce its carbon consumption in the coming years, with a target of between five and ten per cent set for further energy saving. 

Speaking to environmental news provider, Andrew Parkinson, operations director for the club, said that the goals to achieve this are still being finalised, and was not pressed on the possibility of installing solar panels. 

However, with the club looking to expand the stadium to 60,000-seat capacity, this could perhaps be in the plans for the future. 

Director of policy and communication at the UK Green Building Council and a supporter of the club John Alker welcomed the announcement, and praised the progress made to reach carbon reducing goals. 

"The next challenge is to go public with a full sustainability strategy – and indeed to involve fans and those keen to support the process as widely as possible," he told BusinessGreen.