Pharmaceutical-firm worker Philip Ditchfield encourages his local community to go solar.

This week The Guardian reported: after watching The Age of Stupid Philip Ditchfield was tired of hearing excuses such as: “There’s no point doing anything because China’s emissions are growing.” By March 2010 he found himself persuading inhabitants of Marlow, Buckinghamshire, to become part of his 100 Solar Project, a community renewables buying group.

So far 185 residents have signed up to the scheme and 30 Marlow families are now generating ‘green’ electricity through photovoltaic and solar thermal cells.

Philip Ditchfield said, “We’ve had calls from all over the country. I hope people outside of our seven-mile radius around Marlow will start their own scheme.”

At present the scheme has enough homes to achieve a 12% discount, allowing all homes to receive a rebate after six months. Although the scheme is still yet to receive 100 homes registered, which would entail a rebate of 20%, potentially saving around 80,000kg of Co2 annually.

EvoEnergy currently work with two buying groups; Devonshire Road Solar Consortium and the WFEG. Being part of a buying group offers great benefits including:

•      Lower prices for investment in solar PV

•      Increase take-up of renewable technologies

•      Increase awareness of renewable technologies

•      Guaranteed service levels from a trusted partner organisation

•      Free community PV installation to benefit the wider community- when a certain number of people join the buying group

•      Opportunity to establish the community as a shining example to the region of what can be achieved

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Ref: The Guardian