The Scottish Borders Council is to look over a proposal for a new solar park in Galashiels, intending to feature 11,000 solar panels.

A field between Easter Langlee and Glendearg is the proposed area for the solar park, with Green Switch Solutions the organisation that hold the plans.

Alongside the planning permission that needs to be obtained, the Lancashire company has also tried to ascertain whether or not an environmental impact assessment will need to be conducted before any work goes ahead.

However, construction manager for Green Switch Soulutions Liam Kelly says that there would be no negative impact on the local environment, with the project in close proximity to a council-owned landfill.

“There would be no adverse impact on the conservation, historic or landscape setting of settlements. The impact on character and views would be limited because of the small height and little movement of the panels,” Mr Kelly said.

Long rows of solar panels are expected to be built, in addition to a number of access tracks and a new inverter/substation, the Southern Reporter says.

Also, Mr Kelly said that a reduction to the total environmental impact is achieved, as the solar panel farm is reversible. The farm may also be decommissioned after a period of 25 years. The site should not encroach upon any of the built-up areas of the countryside.

According to the firm, the 12.5-acre location has good potential for a solar farm, with signs for maximum generation potential high.

It will be a welcome boost to Scottish renewable energy, especially following ambitious targets set by first minister Alex Salmond to cut the amount of carbon the country produces. A decarbonisation target has been set for 2030, with the total reduction of carbon emissions hoped to be in the region of 80 per cent.