After the installation of solar panels on the roof, a Bedfordshire vegetable supply firm has seen a noticeable return from their investment.

Some 48,000 kilowatt hours of electrical power has been generated since Bedfordshire Growers took up the array of 80 panels.

It has been estimated that the production of clean, renewable energy has reduced the companies carbon output by 26 tonnes on an annual basis.

If the panels live up to their 50 years lifespan, up to 2.4 million kWhs of electricity could be seen, in addition to a reduction of carbon dioxide totalling 1,300 tonnes.

A number of companies across the UK are looking towards solar panels, as they look to reduce their carbon output and increase profit margins. With the technology allowing companies to be less dependant on power from large energy companies, less money can be spent on yearly bills. This could stop outgoing costs eating into profits gained during the year.

Schemes such as the Green Deal and the feed in tariff have also given more encouragement to companies to install the measures, with the former allowing for no upfront costs to be incurred for installations and the latter offering cash returns for electricity generated and fed back into the National Grid.

Sales director at Bedfordshire Growers in Biggleswade, Tim Elcombe, said: “We initially decided to install solar panels to offset the cost of the electricity we use, but didn’t realise just how much saving it would mean.”

Mr Elcombe said the company already has a strong focus on promoting the environmental benefits of locally sourced produce. The solar panel installation takes their efforts even further.

“The beauty of these solar panels is that now they are installed, we don’t have to do anything yet it generates a significant revenue stream every year, and it also reduces our carbon footprint by a huge amount,“ he added.