The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has confirmed that from 1 April homes must have an energy performance certificate (EPC) at level D or above to qualify for higher feed-in tariff rates.
DECC estimates that around half of UK homes reach level D already. But for those that don’t – and older properties in particular – the change could add extra time, money and hassle into the process of installing solar PV. Homes that fail to reach level D will receive the much lower tariff of 9p per kWh.
We still have some install capacity throughout March. So however energy efficient your home is, you still have the chance to avoid the need to produce a certificate altogether.
Why book now?
With the news that the 21p rate is likely to be temporarily reinstated to 43.3p for installs between 12 December 2011 and 3 March 2011, many customers have rushed to book install slots in that space of time. We’re now unable to book in any more installs before 3 March.
If you’re shopping around, we’d suggest it’s better to install with EvoEnergy after 3 March than to settle for a second-rate install now in the hope of securing the 43.3p rate.
Install between 3 March and 1 July and you’ll receive a guaranteed tariff of 21p per kWh. With our latest pricing that can give returns of up to 10.5% – tax free, inflation linked and guaranteed by the government for the next 25 years.
Install between 3- 31 March and you’ll have the added bonus of avoiding the EPC regulation, and any associated costs that may come with it. You’ll also get your install complete well before July, when there’s likely to be another busy period.
Reasons to choose us

  • We’ve installed for over 3,000 happy customers
  • We’ve won all the top industry awards for solar installations
  • We offer a carefully selected range of panels and components
  • We have a local presence, with experienced teams nationwide
  • We offer a full aftercare service and customer promise

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