The village of Wedmore in Somerset has drawn up plans to bring a solar power plant to local farmland.

Two sites with land of 1.7 hectare and 0.75 hectare respectively have been proposed as the location of two micro-generation sites that would produce enough energy to power more than 300 homes in the local area.

The Wedmore Community Power Company (WCPC) brought together the plans for the energy-efficient plant, which will feature many photovoltaic panels that would help produce clean energy.
In a statement WCPC has said that the system: “Will reduce our carbon footprint as a village and will bring financial prosperity to our community.”

The initiative will save the village on electricity bills and provide financial benefits via the government feed in tariff programme. Any profits gained from the project will be put back into the local community, and if successful the scheme may be replicated somewhere else in the village.

WCPC was brought together following a joint effort between Wedmore Green Group and Rooftop Consulting Ltd. The scheme works through local residents investing in the organisation by taking out a stake.

Managing director at Rooftop Consulting Ltd Robin Mewes said: “This is all about the community taking charge of local, renewable electricity generation.”

For anyone with objections to the solar plant, WCPC has pointed out that there will be no noise, smell or pollution of any kind during the production of power.

Local resident and owner of local business The Cottage Gallery Jan Beer said that the possibility of solar energy is worth looking into.

“Most people would think it’s a good idea, but I don’t think people know enough about it at the moment. It is early days. With prices going up it seems silly not to investigate,” Ms Beer said.