For a number of new homes in Lincolnshire, solar panels will be fitted as standard as part of the building work, meaning new homeowners can instantly benefit from cost and carbon reducing technology.

The project is beginning in the Pinchbeck area of the county, with Larfleet Homes leading the initiative. The house building company will team up with sister organisation Lark Energy to get the project going.

In previous projects, Larkfleet has given customers the option of installing panels to new homes, but this new programme further highlights its emphasis on providing carbon reducing technology to its customers.

Lark Energy was launched in 2010 and is run by the Larkfleet Group. The company has become a market leader in providing and installing solar panels of all different shapes and sizes, and has also developed three of the largest solar farms in the UK.

The Market Deeping based energy solutions company will work with Larkfleet Homes to provide customers with the means to reduce their future energy bills and cut down on carbon consumption. The home building company is dedicated to using sustainable methods when constructing new homes.

Once complete, the new homes will be a particular draw to customers, as the panels are expected to save up to £600 a year on energy bills. While Larkfleet is not able to install the photovoltaics on all the homes it provides, the company still strives to offer the best renewable energy options to as many new projects as possible.

Larkfleet managing director Karl Hick told Spalding Today that the company’s properties keep the homeowners' benefits in mind when building new homes, in addition to ensuring they carry out energy efficient practices.

“We’re proud to be setting a high standard in the local area and will continue to look at new sustainable building methods to provide our homebuyers with energy-efficient homes,” Mr Hick said.