All new buildings in London should be fitted with solar panels, according to the Green Party. Greens leader Darren Johnson in the London Assembly says the large swings in temperature are a wake-up call to the need to reduce the burning of fossil fuels for energy.
He wants all new buildings to be fitted with solar panels if they are to gain planning permission.
Government targets aim to cut carbon dioxide emissions, the primary cause of global warming, by 60% by 2050.
“If you think that solar technology can only work in the height of summer, then think again,” Mr Johnson said.
“Solar power can be used anywhere from the Arctic to the equator, supplying clean green energy.
“As a city, London consumes more energy than the whole of Ireland and about the same amount as Greece or Portugal.
Some buildings and housing projects in London already use solar power.
The solar panel on the roof of a 19th Century house in Peckham produces enough electricity to power all the home’s applicances.
Owner Donnachadh McCarthy told BBC London that when the sun was shining he was happy.
“It produced 400 watts an hour last week, exported 250 watts, imported 150 watts, so I nearly exported twice what I used.
“I know every day I’m a net contributor to the Grid and that makes me feel good.”
The church of St Mary’s in Osterley, west London, also has a surplus of electricity after installing solar panels in the roof of a new hall.
The 174 panels produce 30 kilowatts of power, which is enough to light and heat the church’s two halls with an expected surplus being sold off to the National Grid.