A recent poll conducted by YouGov and the Sunday Times revealed the depth of public support for solar power.
The online poll asked 1,696 people their thoughts on everything from the coalition government to striking, transport to renewable energy. And while the results painted a bleak picture of the political and economic state of the country, public opinion of renewable energies – especially solar power – has hit an all-time high.
Almost three-quarters of those surveyed (74%) believe that the Government should be looking to use more solar power to meet the nation’s future energy requirements. Wind power was the second most popular technology, with 56% of respondents indicating that they’d like to see more wind farms commissioned.
Nuclear energy – which the government has appeared to favour – received the backing of just 36% of respondents. And fossil fuels came last of all, with public support for coal at 16% and oil at 10%.
To see the full survey results, click here.