A 93-acre solar park is set to be constructed in West Kingsdown, with solar park developer Hives Energy looking to bring the project to completion.

The company has asked Sevenoaks District Council for it's views on the plan before any formal application for planning is made. First, it is hoped that Hive Energy will be able to agree with the landowner and the local residents before anything concrete is submitted.

Commercial director of Hive Energy, Tim Purbick told the Sevenoaks Chronicle: "The project is at the very early stages and if it goes ahead we will be available to members of the public to answer their questions."

In total, the park has the potential to create some 16 megawatts of electricity a year, which could be enough to provide up to 6,500 homes with sustainable power. Furthermore, the project could reduce carbon emissions by 7,740 tonnes a year.

The installation could help a number of residents to significantly reduce their energy bills, which is particularly important considering the rising energy bills the UK are experiencing. The large solar park could also generate cash, as the energy produced could be fed into the National Grid, with payments to be received via the government's feed in tariff.

In order to reduce the visibility of the 4,000 strong installation of photovoltaics, a three metre hedgerow would help to screen the solar park from the view of the public.

Projects like this are becoming more and more common across the UK, as investment in green technology is proving to be both beneficial to the environment, but also in terms of earning money and helping local residents.

Despite the unseasonably cold weather the UK is experiencing, solar panels are still able to generate energy from the sun.

Solar panels could also be particularly helpful when it comes to heating a house in the cold, as the cheap power could provide homeowners with the opportunity to further warm their property.