Mortgage provider ING Direct recently surveyed 1000 people asking for their top ‘deal-sealers’ when purchasing a new home.  The survey results show that the most wanted property extra is solar panels. Thirty eight per cent of the survey respondents said that they would like solar panels over other non-essentials such as walk-in wardrobes and satellite television.
Here’s the full top ten from ING:

1 Solar panels 38 per cent
2= Weekly bin collections 32 per cent
2= Satellite tv connection 23 per cent
4 Greenhouse 25 per cent
5 Walk-in wardrobe 24 per cent
6 Good 3G signal 20 per cent
7 Giant bath tub 19 per cent
8= Outdoor power supply 18 per cent
8= Pantry or larder 18 per cent
10 Garden pond 15 per cent

The increasing popularity of solar panels over the past couple of years has been aided by the feed-in tariff, but also by constantly increasing energy prices.  More than 360,000 homes now have a solar pv system – 349 per cent higher than August last year.
Homes with solar panels can receive an annual benefit of around £600-£700 from feed-in tariff payments and bill savings combined.