Figuring out whether you can install solar panels on your garage roof can be tricky process.

It can be easy to install solar PV on a garage within a property  boundary, especially if the garage already has an electricity cable running to it. If there is a cable linking the garage and the main house, that would be able to support the PV system, a install on a garage roof can be straight forward.

If there is no cable linking the house and garage, a cable may have to be laid. This would mean digging a trench through the garden, which can be done by yourself.

solar panel on garage

As commercial solar PV installers, we would only be able to install on a garage roof which has an available area of over 300m2. However, you can discover how much energy you could generate from your garage roof with our solar PV calculator.

If you have a garage roof that you feel may be suitable for solar PV, you could contact a domestic installation provider who will be happy to advise you on a suitable system.