Sharp are far and away the world leader in the evolution and production of the advanced technology to harness the sun’s power through Solar PV cells.
ND Series (170W | 162W)
The ND Sharp series of photovoltaic modules is designed for applications with a high power requirement.
These polycrystalline quality modules produce a sustained, reliable yield even under demanding deployment conditions.
All Sharp ND series modules offer optimal system integration – both technically and economically – and are suitable for installation in grid-coupled systems.
Product Features:
– High performance photovoltaic modules made of monocrystalline (155.5mm²) silicon solar cells with module efficiency of up to 12.4%.
– Bypass diodes to minimise power loss with shading.
– Textured cell surface for especially high current yields.
– BSF structure (Black Surface Field) for optimising cell efficiency
– Use of annealed glass, EVA plastic and weather-protection foil, as well as an anodised aluminium frame with water drainage holes for prolonged use.
– Output: connection cable with water-protected plug connector.
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