Rising utility bills are the main worry for UK households, new research has revealed, which could see many turning to cheaper options such as solar panels. 

Twice as many UK consumers are worried about them now compared to two years ago, according to the figures. 

The research from Nielsen revealed that 31 per cent of British consumers are concerned about rocketing utility bills, with the economy coming in second with 23 per cent and rising food prices (22 per cent) rounding off the top three. 

Further down the list were debt (19 per cent), job security (18 per cent) and rising fuel prices (14 per cent). 

Chris Morley, Nielsen managing director for the UK and Ireland said it is “hardly surprising” that finances are top of the list of Brits’ concerns. 

He continued: "Almost one in three UK consumers have no spare cash once they’ve covered their essential living expense, much higher than the one in five across Europe as a whole. 

“Furthermore, almost nine in ten consumers think we’re in a recession and, amongst those that do, only 15 per cent think we’ll be out of it within a year."

The energy industry insisted it is trying to improve the situation for consumers by improving the information it offers. 

A spokesperson for Energy UK, the utility industry’s trade body, said that its members are working hard to “provide clear, good value tariffs” to help cut bills. 

"The relationship between energy provider and customer is vital and we are improving our information so customers can choose the services which are right for them,” they said.

Many customers may concern cutting their bills in other way, such as upping the insulation in their home or looking into renewable energy solutions such as solar. 

Concerns other than financial ones also made the list, with health being a top-two concern for ten per cent of respondents, children’s education a worry for eight per cent and work/life balance concerning for seven per cent.