In a move to bring some 6,000 households solar panels, a partnership has been formed between Gatehouse Energy and Consensus Capital.

The scheme will provide energy-saving, renewable technology to a number of homes free of charge, the Solar Power Portal reports.

Following the installation, residents will be able to experience significant savings on their energy bills.

Gatehouse Energy is part of Styles&Wood Group PLC’s carbon abatement and clean energy division. Director at Gatehouse, Adrian Sutton, said that the organisation has been looking at ways to make clean energy more accessible for quite some time.

“We have looked at the entire proposition, from start to finish, including the barriers to renewable technology and how we can remove them,” he told Solar Power Portal.

Mr Sutton added: “We are delighted to be working with Consensus as our relationship affords us the perfect opportunity to remove those barriers and deliver sustainable energy solutions to the marketplace.”

The initiative will benefit a number of tenants living in Riverside Housing, who will be the first to receive solar panels as part of the scheme. Work is currently underway to provide the installation of solar panels for up to 6,000 homes in the North of England.

Solar panels are becoming an increasingly attractive option for energy saving, with recent reports suggesting that installations are seeing a weekly increase in terms of numbers.

Fuel poverty is one of the major issues facing the UK at the moment, as fuel prices continue to rise. Schemes such as this hope to solve the problem for a number of people and provide a cost effective way to keep a home warm – an issue which is particularly vital considering the unseasonably cold weather.

In addition to cutting the energy bills of some of the most vulnerable residents in the north of the country, the solar panels will also help to reduce carbon emissions. The array of 6,000 panels is expected to reduce up to 10,000 tonnes of CO2.