A new study has revealed that farmers are more likely to install renewable energy projects on their land if they are approached by industry experts in a more personal manner.

The survey was conducted by PR consultancy CCgroup, a company that specialises in clean technology, mobile and financial services technology markets.

Some 130 farmers and landowners responded to the survey, entitled 'Renewable Energy: What do you need to know?'. Respondents were asked what information they would need in order to make it more likely that they would invest in renewable technology.

They were then grouped into three categories; Converts (47 per cent), who have already invested in renewable technology and may do so again; Believers (39 per cent), who are considering investment but are still undecided; and Latecomers (14 per cent), who have not considered it at all.

The research found that Converts were encouraged to invest due to environmental benefits (56 per cent), in addition to the introduction of the feed-in tariff and other financial incentives (54 per cent). However, rising energy bills was the primary driver for renewable uptake, with 75 per cent of farmers and landowners saying this.

For the Believers, uptake of renewables might be more likely following access to appropriate statistics, facts and figures (66 per cent), income/energy price calculators (62 per cent) and personal discussions with experts (58 per cent).

For Latecomers, personal discussions with experts was the most preferred way in which they would like to find out more information about renewable products and services.

It is always advisable to speak to an expert before carrying out installations of energy saving measures such as solar panels, in order to identify appropriate locations for the technology and whether it is right for your property or land.

Furthermore, an assessment on your property or land might lead to funding via the Green Deal, dependent on the size and scale of the scheme.