A derelict landfill site in Aberdeen could be set for an energy efficient makeover, following the announcement of plans to turn it into a solar farm.

The Aberdeen City Council is working with the Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group (AREG) in order to obtain some £500,000 of lottery funding in order to commence with further plans for the Ness Farm landfill site and it's major transformation.

It is just one example of carbon reducing plans for the nation, as Scotland looks to make ambitious energy efficiency targets set by the Alex Salmond.

The landfill site, comprising some 120 acres, has been closed since 2001, and a new solar allocation will not only help in terms of energy efficiency goals, but will also create jobs in the area and encourage research and training in the industry.

Initial proposals suggest that solar panels installed on the landfill site could generate as much as a megawatt of electricity.

The Big Lottery Coastal Communities Fund is where the money for the scheme could be obtained from, with the initiative intended to help the economic development of coastal communities.

Leader of the Aberdeen council Barney Crockett said that if the solar farm is achieved, it would help to increase Aberdeen's reputation as a "European-leading" energy city.

“People don’t appreciate that the north east of Scotland is quite a good area for harnessing solar energy. I think it is terrific that we can use a site that has been soiled and get new use out of it," he added.

“Aberdeen is already at the forefront for skills in the energy sector and I think this project can provide great opportunities for research and for our young people to learn new skills.”

Scotland has set itself up to be one of the leading exponents of energy efficient practices with first minister Alex Salmond aiming for an 80 per cent reduction in carbon emissions by 2030.