Ofgem has confirmed the feed-in tariff rates (FiT) for solar panels applying to the period between July 1st and October 1st this year. 

The industry had been anticipating the feed-in tariff rates to be changed from August 1st to fit in with the regular quarterly reviews. 

However, the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) moved the reference date forward by a month to July 1st. 

The industry was unimpressed by this lack of warning and formal announcement, and reacted angrily to the sudden change. 

While installations in the 0-50KW range falling short of the set out capacity triggers, some bands (0-4KW, >4-10KW, >10-50KW) are all set to degress by 3.5 per cent. This is down to the automatic degression model set out by the DECC as part of the revised feed-in tariff. 

It was also announced that all tariff bands >50KW will remain the same as last quarter, when all the rates for this group were reduced by 3.5 per cent. While this reduction is modest, it hits the feed-in tariffs most  popular capacities. 

The Fit rate p/kWh for the 0-4KW band is set at 14.90, for the >4-10KW group it is 13.50, while it sits at 12.57 for >10.50KW and 11.10 for the >50-100Kw band.

The same 11.10 rate is in place for the >100-150KW grouping, while the >150-250KW category is set at 10.62 and the >250KW-5MW at 6.85.

Meanwhile, stand-alone rates are also set at 6.85 and the export tariff rate is 4.64.