The Nottingham Playhouse has received a huge funding package which will allow it to install a number of carbon reducing technologies. 

Arts Council England (ACE) has provided a massive £1 million in funding which will go towards solar panels, new light fittings, heat saving lobby doors and double glazing. The money has been granted as part of ACE's 'Capital Investment Programme', which intends to make a number of its major funded programmes more energy-efficient. 

Due the the Playhouse being a Grade II-listed building, it is very difficult to heat and light efficiently, which is why renewable technologies are so vitally needed at the venue. 

Early plans have suggested that up to 156 solar panels will be installed on the roof of the building, which will have the potential to generate up to £4,500 every year. In total, all the new green installations will be able to save approximately £35,000 for the popular city venue. 

The money saved on utility bills and earned through the feed-in tariff will be put back into providing education and theatre for local people. 

However, the Playhouse is still looking for an additional £75,000 in funding to ensure that the scheme goes ahead as planned. It has therefore called on visitors for donations, with a scheme also introduced to spend £5 for a solar cell. The initiative requires 9,000 solar cells in total. 

Other plans will see the 50-year-old light fittings replaced – a move which is expected to reduce energy consumption by as much as 35,000 kw. The playhouse has around six months to raise the extra £75,000. 

Stephanie Sirr, chief executive of the Playhouse, said: “These funds will increase opportunities for performance and participation in a welcoming, sustainable and creative setting. We are grateful to all our supporters and in particular to Sir Harry Djanogly who has made a generous donation to the appeal.”