Did you know that choosing solar power for your home is still one of the best financial decisions you can make?
You’ve probably heard about the reductions to the feed in tariff, but investing in solar can give you a return on your investment of up to nine per cent a year.
The price of solar panels has fallen dramatically. At the same time, electricity prices and inflation have continued to rise. That means we’ve been able to lower our prices and put together a package which offers a tremendous rate of return for your investment.
By installing solar panels you’ll be saving money on your electricity bills, protecting yourself from future price rises and earning money for producing green electricity.
Evoenergy’s latest deal means you can have a 3.9kWp system with twenty solar panels fitted for £10,500. A typical south facing home could earn £755 a year from the feed-in tariff and make annual electricity savings of £218. That would give you a return on your investment of 9.27 per cent a year.
What’s more the cash you receive is tax free, will rise with inflation and is guaranteed for twenty five years. And every time electricity prices go up, so will the amount of money you’re saving on your bill.
You’ll also be playing your part in reducing greenhouse gases and cutting your carbon footprint. How many other investments can offer you that?