Willen Hospice in Milton Keynes is the grateful recipient of solar panels, after a trio of companies joined forces to donate clean energy generators. 

The installation of photovoltaic panels should help to reduce the energy bills of the hospice and also provide profit via the feed in tariff, which can be used for necessary supplies and care improvements.

Conergy UK, which has its UK offices in Milton Keynes, provided the solar panels and mounting, and also helped with planning permission. Part of the hospice is a Grade II listed building and it is located within a conservation area.

Conergy, therefore, helped to get planning permission through the local council. The solar panels had to be placed in an area that was out of view.

Managing director of Conergy UK Robert Goss said that the hospice’s excellent service for members of the community encouraged the solar energy company to help in whatever way it could.

SMA Solar UK provided the inverter and monitoring device for the installation. Managing director of the company Jan Van Laethem said he was proud of SMA’s involvement in the charitable project.

“We are thrilled that two global leaders in solar technology have teamed up with a local photovoltaic installer to make a significant difference to the Hospice and SMA is delighted to be part of it," Mr Van Laethem said.

Local company FSG also pitched into the project. When approached by Conergy to help install the 4kW system, sales manager at FSG Barry Thurston could find no reason to turn the company down.

“We’re proud to be involved and hope the system brings them both generous savings and earnings from the feed in tariff. This is all for a great cause.”

Willen Hospice provides speciality elderly care for patients, and the solar panels should help them in their endeavours for the long-term, providing 3,700 kWH per year.

Chief executive of Willen Hospice Paul Hinson said: “We are thrilled with the new solar roof which has been so generously donated by Conergy, SMA and FSG Energy. It will provide us with a reduced cost, sustainable energy source, allowing our patients, loved ones and Willen Hospice staff to benefit from the ongoing source of revenue."