Import meters contain a way of counting how much current runs through it. This allows a meter to know exactly how much electricity is being used in a house.
The majority of modern meters will tell how much current is flowing through the meter, and will add this on when in passes through in one direction, but not the other.
With some old, dial meters, the meter will record not just how much current is flowing through, but the direction. When current is flowing out of the house, this will make the dial turn backwards.
With some import meters, specifically Siemens S2AS-100 / 200, the meter cannot determine the direction of the current, but only the amount of current. What these meters do is to add all current, whether flowing in to or out of the house, and add this on to your import meter. In effect, charging you for electricity you have created.
Our site surveyors will be able to determine what type of meter you have and advise you if your energy company will need to change it.