This past year has been the most impactful period of time in recent memory as uncertainty surrounding Brexit and Covid-19 has forced many firms to adapt in unconventional ways. However, this year has also seen a massive shift in public perception towards tackling the climate change emergency as the need for renewable energy continues to grow.

Our skills and experiences that we’ve gained over the years has allowed us to now be at the forefront of this incredible industry and we intend to serve the anticipated demands which are due to present themselves over the forthcoming year.

Throughout this year, we successfully delivered a number of large-scale solar projects such as Airbus (773kWp), Simply Cartons (297kWp & 175kWp), MWW (683kwp), Portsmouth Hilsea Private Smart Grid (250kWp, 50kW / 135 kWh battery), Flamingo Flowers (917kWp), Jack Buck Farms (130kWp), Wrexham CBC (250kWp). Our skilled projects team were able to adapt and ensure that all of these projects were delivered whilst abiding by the dynamic government guidelines for social distancing.

We are also proud to announce that our installation team is making fantastic progress on the new development-taking place at Stourton Park and Ride. This is a monumental project for us as we are deploying a full range of our technologies (1.2MWp of Solar Car Ports, Smart HV/LV infrastructure, Battery Energy Storage and an Electric Vehicle charging facility). The project is due to be completed by May 2021 and will provide the site with a reliable source of renewable energy and high quality EV charging facilities.

Another key client of ours this year has been Big Yellow Self Storage who has continued to roll out solar PV systems to their stores throughout the UK, we retrofitted three systems this year as part of their ambitious green adaption programme, and also installed 3 new systems as part of their building programme.

The team have also been busy installing battery systems. These include the large-scale battery project for Kerry Foods (2100kW/ 3298kWh), and the bespoke battery at Gower Power (228kW/ 912kWh) which was installed on the edge of a solar farm. Both projects provided a unique set of challenges to our engineering team, but has allowed us to explore more opportunities within the renewable energy technology market.

In regards to awards, EvoEnergy has once again been recognised for its outstanding work this year. EvoEnergy received High Commended for ‘The Solar PV Installer & Contractors’ and Commended for ‘Energy Consultant/ Consultancy’ at the East Midlands Energy Efficiency Awards.

Ultimately, it has been another successful year for EvoEnergy, as we continue to innovate and expand our ever growing portfolio to include HV infrastructure upgrades. Our 2021 holds many exciting new projects in the pipeline and we will be looking forward to new opportunities in the coming year. We are starting our Christmas break from today and will be back to take your enquiries on Monday 4th January 2021.

EvoEnergy want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Solar Year!