What EvoEnergy Has Done This Year?

Our Company Carbon Footprint

EvoEnergy are delighted to have received an industry standard certification from Carbon Footprint. We are now a Carbon Footprint – CO₂e assessed company.  In order to measure this, we were assessed to an industry standard certification by CarbonFootprint.com. To complete this assessment, we measured our business’s operations on a multitude of different activities including our office operating expenses, flights, fuel usage and other sources of carbon.

This has helped us to understand the level of our current emissions and has allowed us to set new targets for the future to not only reduce our direct carbon emissions, but also lower the impact of our wider operations. Ultimately, this verification highlights our carbon footprint measuring is to a high industry standard and provides us with recommendations on how to continue to reduce our emissions.

Our Results

Our assessment covers the period April 2020 – March 2021. This ensures that our results are comparable to the previous year.

This latest assessment has measured our carbon emissions at 42.55 metric tons of CO₂e, which is 1.22 metric tons per employee. This is a decrease of 6.08 metric tons overall from last year (13%), which demonstrates our continued dedication to reducing our impact on the environment.

In addition to this, our carbon footprint per employee has reduced by 37.4% which shows that we have successfully minimised our impact despite our company’s growth.

Not only have we offset these emissions, but we have also gone above and beyond to offset 125% of our footprint, equating to 54 metric tons of CO₂e. To achieve this, we have chosen to support a reforestation program in Kenya, which will help offset emissions, reduce poverty and protect natural habitats.

We are very aware that we need to practice what we preach which is why we are keen to measure and monitor our own carbon and this process helps narrow our focus.

What Are Our Actions To Improve?

As a company, measuring our carbon footprint allows us to understand the impact of our business activities. However, without taking action to offset these emissions and reduce them, we will not see much change.

That is why we have decided to participate in a reforestation program in Kenya to offset all this carbon through an offsetting programme approved by CarbonFootprint. Find out more about the project here: https://www.carbonfootprint.com/plantingtreesinkenya.html