With solar technology coming on leaps and bounds, the next step is a house which is completely powered by solar energy.

The house will be completely self sustainable, using the sun to provide electricity and hot water to the whole of the new four-bedroom property.

With building work already underway, the project is to be delivered by Caplin Homes and will be the first of its kind in the UK. 

The property is located in the Great Glen area of Leicestershire on a two acre site, and received planning permission from Harborough District Council in December.

The demonstration house will be a two-storey, detached property with a number of solar panels on the roof canopy. This will be bordered by areas of living sedum, bronze metallic solar wall panels which allow for the pre-heating of air through a ventilation system. In addition to this, large amounts of south facing triple glazed will be a feature of the secluded countryside building.

Michael Goddard, director at Caplin Homes, said that the company is very excited to begin work on the solar house, and prove that zero-carbon living is something that is achievable.

"Our ambition is to prove to UK house-builders that it is possible for them to build houses to these standards and to provide them with the means to do so. This will enable householders to be set free from ever-increasing energy bills."

Producing twice the amount of power needed to supply the house, the house will be truly carbon neutral, generating surplus energy in summer and storing it in underground heating pumps to be retrieved in winter.

Despite not saying how much the initial build process will cost, the company have said that once complete, the house will have a value of over £1 million.