At EvoEnergy, we are excited to announce the development of our latest innovation in solar PV technology – the H1Z2Z2-K Multicore Braided Cable. This cable is specifically designed to enhance the safety and efficiency of solar photovoltaic installations.

The Inspiration Behind the Development

The inception of this new cable was driven by Amendment 2 of the IEC Code of Practice for the installation of Grid Connected solar PV systems, which explicitly excluded the use of standard multicore SWA cables on the DC side due to their inability to meet the requirements for double or reinforced insulation.

H1Z2Z2-K Multicore Braided Cable

Recognising the need for a more robust solution, we collaborated with Eland Cables to create a cable that meets these stringent criteria. Our goal was to maintain the mechanical robustness, protection against lightning surges, and ease of installation and maintenance provided by armoured multicore cables while adhering to the new safety standards.

Development and Features

What sets the H1Z2Z2-K Multicore Braided Cable apart from existing products in the market is its compliance with BS EN 50618, making it the only cable of its kind that meets the requirements for double or reinforced insulation in a multicore format for use in solar PV systems.

This innovation, though not a technological advance per se, represents a novel application of existing technology to create a new cable type that did not previously exist.

The cable is constructed using multiple cores of Solar flex cable to BS EN 50618 standards, paired in properly coloured DC cable pairs (4, 6, or 12 cores) and enveloped in a galvanized steel braid for both mechanical and electrical protection.

An outer sheath, also compliant with BS EN 50618, ensures the cable’s durability and safety.

sustainable and safe solar pv cable

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Design

While the H1Z2Z2-K Multicore Braided Cable is not specifically designed with sustainability features, its enhanced protection and durability contribute to a longer system life and lower solar maintenance requirements.

This means less frequent replacement and overall reduced material usage over its lifetime, indirectly supporting sustainable practices and net zero.

Benefits and Applications

For businesses, the key benefits of using this new cable include increased resilience of outdoor electrical installations, enhanced protection against mechanical damage, and better screening against lightning and surge currents.

This translates to reduced downtime and lower maintenance costs over the system’s lifetime.

This cable is tailored specifically for the solar PV industry, providing a crucial solution for installations requiring robust and reliable DC cabling.

solar pv used for fire safety protection

Practical Information

Installation of the H1Z2Z2-K Multicore Braided Cable is straightforward, and intended for use between string boxes and inverters, utilising standard cable containment methods.

Its design also simplifies testing and inspection during maintenance, making it easier to identify and manage compared to traditional string cabling.

The cable is manufactured to generally comply with EN 50618 standards, though it is not yet certified by an external testing house.

Eland Cables plans to pursue this certification within the next 12-18 months, aligning with market demands.

new cable for businesses looking for solar pv installation

Market Impact and Future Prospects

We believe this cable will significantly influence the solar PV industry by meeting the increasing technical and quality standards for fire protection and electrical safety.

It provides an off-the-shelf solution for new and evolving industry standards.

Looking ahead, EvoEnergy aims to have the cable independently tested to EN 50618 standards soon and to explore additional cable construction versions, including a fire-resistant outer sheath variant.

evo energy engineer holding a fire safe cable for solar pv

For more information about the H1Z2Z2-K Multicore Braided Cable, feel free to contact us or Eland Cables directly.