This month has seen the increase of the Climate Change Levy (CCL). This is a government led response to the impact of global warming, resulting in your business potentially facing an increase in energy bills.  This is a commercial tax increase to drive a reduction in energy consumption and to encourage business to adopt renewable energy options.

What is the Climate Change Levy (CCL)?

The Climate Change Levy (CCL) is an environmental tax for commercial energy usage, charged on the energy used by businesses. The result is an increase in all business electricity, gas and solid fuel. This is a substantial rise of 45% for electricity consumers with the latest CCL rates jumping from 0.583(p/kWp) to 0.847 (p/kWh) for electricity. It is designed to encourage a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions to improve the UK’s energy efficiency to support the national goal to meet the United Nations sustainable Development goals by 2030.

Climate change has been described as humanity’s greatest threat in thousands of years. The impact has been highlighted in a recent BBC documentary, Climate Change – The Facts. The primetime documentary, presented by David Attenborough, emphasised the devastating effects that humans are causing to our planet and the action is urgently needed  to reverse the damage. The documentary shows the devastating impact of climate change, including the damages to wildlife, oceans, forests and global population. It is important that businesses respond in the right way and take responsibility around the issue and act urgently.    

How can EvoEnergy help your business reduce CCL Charges?   

Although there is a level of pessimism associated with this subject there is much hope and optimism.  With 25 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions coming from electricity and heat generation, investing and developing renewable energy sources is a priority. The product range offered by EvoEnergy to generate your own electricity including solar, energy storage along with electric vehicles where we provide associated EV chargers can help meet businesses needs to reduce their carbon footprint. Due to effectiveness in production, solar energy is now the cheapest form of newly installed electricity in more than 60 countries including the UK.

Solar supported by energy storage can reduced your business reliance on the grid and with the addition of electric vehicles you have the opportunity to lower your businesses carbon footprint, giving your business a competitive advantage and helping future generations. This also reduces your exposure to changes in the unit price of your electricity. Furthermore by selling any unused electricity back to the Grid, you could also create additional revenue streams.

To find out how EvoEnergy can help your business to reduce its energy bills, please use our enquiry form to get in touch.