It’s the easiest renewable energy technology to install and use in in your home.
The panel should be professionally fitted on your roof. A small inverter box is fitted outside- all this does is convert the DC electricity produced by the solar panel into AC- so that it’s the same as the electricity you buy from your energy company. Then for safety, it passes through your fuse box. Two meters measure how much energy you’re producing from your solar panels and how much your home is using.
If you are producing more than you’re using, electricity will flow back to the grid and you’ll be paid for all the clean electricity you’re giving them.
If you’re using more than your solar panels are producing at any one time, you’ll get electricity from the grid, just like normal. So you’ll never run short or have to go without.
1 – Solar panel converts sunlight into electricity
2 – Inverter converts DC to AC to match grid quality
3 – Meter to measure electricity fed into grid
4 – Meter to measure electricity taken from National Grid
5 – The National Grid