We’re excited to announce that EvoEnergy now stock and fit the SOLiC 200. This rather nifty gadget is a solar immersion switch that works alongside your PV system and uses any excess electricity generated to heat domestic hot water.
As you know, excess electricity produced by home PV systems is usually exported to the national grid. With a solar immersion switch, excess electricity is diverted to your immersion heater instead, meaning you use as much of the free energy generated by your system as possible. Intelligent controls react to household demand, so if a kettle is switched on, or more electricity is needed elsewhere in your home, electricity is diverted away from the immersion heater and back to the rest of the property.
The SOLiC 200 is capable of generating savings of £250 a year, meaning it can potentially pay for itself in three years. Manufactured to both CE and British Standards, it’s built to last approximately 25 years and comes with a ten-year manufacturer replacement guarantee.
Best of all, it’s really simple to fit to your existing PV system, with no need for any plumbing alterations. We’re currently offering this product to new customers but are planning on rolling this out to our entire customer base very soon.