Today, EvoEnergy are pleased to announce that their target of funding ‘one mile’ of tree plantations in the UK this year has now moved past the half way point, standing at 407 trees.
The campaign, creatively titled the Green Mile, has been in effect from 1st January this year with each commercial installation triggering EvoEnergy to fund one tree plantation for every 5 kWp installed (up to a maximum of 100 trees per installation). Residential customers also trigger one tree plantation for every install, regardless of system size (generally around 4 kWp).
Despite the maths technically putting the campaign behind target, EvoEnergy are confident that they will still hit their goal before the end of the year, especially with two large rooftop installations currently underway at Lyreco (5th largest rooftop install in the UK) and Aldi (2.1 MWp); each triggering Evo to fund 100 tree plantations once completed.
EvoEnergy’s Marketing Manager, Jordan Mawbey, comments;

“The Green Mile campaign has had a great reception from our clients and partners so far, and we are confident that we are still going to hit, and possibly ‘smash’, our target by the end of the year. We have some fantastic commercial installations currently underway with many others scheduled over the next few months. It’s been a very busy year so far for Evo and it’s great to see that continue and, of course, each installation puts us closer to our ‘Green Mile’ target.”

EvoEnergy have installed over 2 MWp in total since January, split between nearly 200 clients Nationwide; the installations at Lyreco and Aldi alone will almost quadruple this installation capacity to over 8 MWp. The terms and conditions of the ‘Green Mile’ campaign restrict each installation to triggering a maximum of 100 tree plantations, allowing all of Evo’s clients to be responsible for the plantation of trees in the UK this year (until the target is reached).
Further updates of the progress will be published here, so please check back regularly. EvoEnergy will also shortly have details from their plantation partner – Tree Appeal – of the locations of the trees that have been planted through the campaign.