EvoEnergy have successfully completed their target of planting ‘one mile of trees’ in the UK in 2015 after launching their new ‘Green Mile’ environmental CSR campaign at the start of the year. And due to the success of the campaign and the positive support from their clients, EvoEnergy are targeting to plant another mile of trees (805 trees) in 2016.
At the start of last year, EvoEnergy came up with the campaign to further support the nature of their business; to help clients all over the UK reduce their carbon footprint for the benefit of the environment through solar PV deployment. The ‘Green Mile’ campaign was therefore developed by Evo’s marketing team and conveniently branded to reflect the target of funding the plantation of one mile of trees in the UK, with funds triggered by – and credited to – client’s solar PV installations.
With installed commercial solar PV systems ranging in size from 10 kWp to multi-MWp in 2015 by EvoEnergy, over 180 of their clients each had a slice of the credit for EvoEnergy achieving the ‘Green Mile’ target.
Marketing Manager, Jordan Mawbey, comments;

“We’re thrilled that we managed to hit our Green Mile target in 2015 and it’s very satisfying to hear from our partners – Tree Appeal – where our funded trees have been planted across the UK at various schools and green tourist sites. Seeing how our trees have made a difference, we are delighted to confirm that we are resetting the campaign for 2016 with the intention of planting a second ‘mile’ which we can credit back to our clients and their PV installations”. 

Over 180 of EvoEnergy’s clients’ installations collectively helped achieve the ‘Green Mile’ target in 2015 with these trees being planted at various schools across the UK including 100 trees at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School in Wakefield, 77 trees at Grimley & Holt CE Primary school in Worcester, and 60 trees at The Beacon CE school in Liverpool. In addition, 100 trees were planted in the Lake District for The Outward Bound Trust at their Ullswater outdoor education centre and 100 trees were also welcomed by The Wildlife Trusts for plantation at The Bothy, Norbury Park.
In November, 50 of the trees funded by EvoEnergy were to be planted on the grounds of a local school in Derbyshire – Walton-on-Trent Primary and Nursery school – therefore some of Evo’s senior team took time-out to go onsite to help the children plant the saplings and see first-hand how our campaign was making a difference to the community. The photo at the top of this page was taken with the children and staff shortly after planting several of their trees to create a natural boundary onsite at the school.
For more information on the organisation behind the tree plantations, please visit the Tree Appeal website.