Right now we can offer returns of up to 10% on the 21p feed-in tariff. Plus we’ll even provide an energy performance certificate (EPC) for free when you install with us.
Now that the ongoing saga over feed-in tariff reductions has been resolved, we can finally tell our customers – with absolute clarity – what sort of returns they can expect. And the financial incentives for installing solar PV are a lot stronger than you might think.
The feed-in tariff is now fixed at 21p per kWh until 1 July. With our latest pricing that can give returns of up to 10%. Don’t forget that’s tax free, inflation linked and guaranteed by the government for the next 25 years.
We stock a wide range of components and panels, from great-value Suntech to the most efficient panels on the market, made by US manufacturer SunPower. A well-designed system will always perform better, so we’ll work with you to find the best options and maximise returns.
All about EPCs
One more thing customers have been asking us about is energy performance certificates. From 1 April your home needs EPC at grade D or above in order to receive the full feed-in tariff.
The first piece of advice we’d give is not to let energy efficiency requirements put you off. The government estimated that around half of UK homes meet grade D already, and if yours isn’t one of them reaching the grade could be as simple as adding 10cm of loft insulation.
It’s important to note that a solar PV system counts as 1 point – enough to take you into the next band up. So if your house is currently only E rated, apply for your EPC after the system’s been installed and you should be a D.
EPCs were a part of the now-scrapped home information pack, so you may well have one already. If not, we can help. We’ll take you through the criteria over the phone to estimate your home’s rating, and to visit your home and provide the certificate. This usually costs around £60-£100, but is all part of the service when you install with us.
Reasons to choose us

  • We provide our customers with free energy-efficiency advice and EPCs
  • We’ve installed for over 3,000 happy customers
  • We’ve won all the top industry awards for solar installations
  • We offer a carefully selected range of panels and components
  • We have a local presence, with experienced teams nationwide
  • We offer a full aftercare service and customer promise

If you’d like to secure the current rate of 21p per unit – and benefit from returns of up to 10% – we’d urge you to get in touch as soon as possible. We’re expecting a really busy period leading up to July, so the earlier you book the better the price you’ll secure.