The UK government has welcomed the launch of a new European Union scheme intended to encourage people to alter their lifestyles and implement energy efficient measures to reduce climate change.

Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) Edward Davey said that there will be plenty of benefits stemming from the UK launch of the welcoming the launch of the campaign, entitled 'A world you like. With a climate you like'.

"The EU is a powerful voice when it comes to making the case for action to tackle climate change. By working closely together, the EU and UK form a formidable partnership that can bring about real change," he explained.

"This campaign – 'A world you like. With a climate you like' – is another example of the innovative approach to making a difference and I’m pleased to announce that DECC is an official partner."

The campaign aims to combat climate change and promote a low-carbon society and is run by the European Commission's Directorate-General for Climate Action department, spearhead by Connie Hedegaard, European Commissioner for Climate Action.

It highlights the work the European Union has done to promote a green and low-carbon economy and the climate action initiatives taken, but stresses that more action is needed, from installing more solar panels to altering people's general lifestyles.

"Even small actions can lead to significant benefits, not just for the planet and its environment, but also for individuals and their pockets. Saving energy and saving emissions can also save money," the report states.

Commenting on the initiative, Mr Davey said that everyone can do their bit by learning about the ways in which climate change can be impacted.

"Commissioner Hedegaard's campaign focuses on engaging the business community, including small and medium enterprises," he explained.

"I support this strategy of engaging with the businesses – big and small – as they are and will be a crucial player in the long term change we need to bring about."