The Voltaic™ solar bags and solar backpacks are mobile power generators, designed to charge your devices using solar energy without tying you to a power outlet, which makes them perfect for traveling.Just plug your standard 12V car lighter cord from your device into the solar backpack and recharge most small electronics including: cell phones, cameras, two way radios, iPods, GPS, PDA’s, and MP3s.
If you don’t have a 12V car cord for your device, these solar bags and solar backpacks come with a set of 11 standard adaptors for common cell phones and other devices.
Embedded in the outside of the bags are three lightweight, tough, waterproof solar panels which generate up to 4 watts of power. This means quicker charge times!
Inside each bag is a Li Ion battery pack which stores any surplus power generated, so it is available when you need it- not just when the sun is up. The battery pack can also be charged using an AC travel charger or car charger (both included). This makes the Voltaic™ solar backpacks and solar bags just as useful on the grid as off.
This high quality solar product is ideal for emergencies, travelers, backpackers and everyday gadget users.