Leicestershire has seen work completed on the first fully solar-powered home in the UK and people interested in purchasing the property have been given the opportunity to take a look around. 

Located in Great Glen, the property is made of a timber frame and features a large array of solar panels. Other energy saving features include triple glazing and rainwater storage, which will help to keep utility costs down while producing very few carbon emissions. 

Underground water-filled tubes are used to heat the property and are warmed by solar energy created by rooftop panels. 

The pipes are able to retain heat during the winter, keeping the house warm in the colder months with little need for gas or electric powered heating. 

Designed and built by Caplin Homes, the property is now up for sale and is available for purchase for £1.2 million. 

According to Michael Goddard, director of Caplin Homes, the materials for the property were chosen due to their low carbon footprint. 

"We want to prove government targets are achievable and genuine zero-carbon homes are a viable investment for UK house builders," he said.

"The solar house shows how existing technologies can be used for a large family home but we plan to offer solutions for all house sizes."

While the cost of house might seem rather extravagant for those with desire to go-green at home, there are still ways to achieve energy efficiency without having to pay so much. 

For example, people could access the government's Green Deal, which could see the cost of solar panels or other energy efficient systems installed on a property covered up front, which will then be repaid through savings made on future energy bills. 

Furthermore, homeowners can receive payments for the renewable energy they generate through solar panels or small-scaled wind systems by utilising the feed-in tariff, which pays a premium for electricity fed back into the National Grid.